Sylvia Ng

4 ways to navigate the media landscape with data science

Marketers must understand how data science can be used to drive user engagement. Here's how to boost content results with data.

Jennifer Zeszut

3 data management tips from the finance world

In order to fix marketing's broken approach to performance reporting, let's take a look at the following best practices from our friends in finance.

Tony Zito

5 ways marketers are still using outdated metrics

When it comes to measurement, marketers are still struggling to keep up with the pace of digital technology. Here's how to finally look beyond clicks and individual channels.

Eric Eichmann

The demand for true ROI

Measuring the exact impact of digital ad sales has been historically difficult. Take a look at these three ways to gather essential data to support your bottom line.

Keith Fagan

Why we may need third-party cookies after all

Before you take to demonizing cookies altogether, it's important to remember the benefits they provide. Let's take a look at the pros and cons.

Mark Hansen

6 new analytics tools marketers can't live without

Marketing analytics tools are always changing, and new and better options are hitting the market. Let's take a look at these recommendations to make measuring, analyzing, and optimizing even easier.

Mark Hansen

4 web analytics trends to look for in 2015

Rapid changes across the digital landscape are constantly impacting how data collection works. Here's what marketers should look out for this year.

Paul Mandeville

How to clean your dirty data

Having clean data is becoming more crucial when it comes to reaching your customers. Check out these ways to drive more valuable relationships.

Niels Meersschaert

5 reasons the absence of data isn't a negative

Sometimes there is too much of a good thing when it comes to data. Find out why it's important to look at the big picture and optimize your campaign accordingly.

Avi Spivack

CPM: Perception vs. reality

When it comes to campaign measurement, impressions shouldn't be the sole focus. Take a look at other ways to quantify your success.

Zach Baze

May the creative force be with you

Data and the creative process can mix, but only if handled carefully. Here's how to harness the power of both wisely.

Kevin Spurway

5 big data-driven innovations media sites are providing marketers

Large publishers are delivering valuable analytics to help guide marketing campaigns, and it's just the beginning. Here's what to expect from your media partners going forward.

Craig Simmons

How fraud is disrupting the ad industry

Brands are losing $6 billion per year to false impressions. Here are the worst types of ad fraud plaguing the industry and how to battle this growing problem.

James McNamara

3 insights to craft your consumer strategy

Taking the temperature of consumer behavior has always been the first step of any marketing effort -- offline or digital. Here's where to focus your efforts.

Brandt Dainow

5 signs your data has no meaning

Marketers have access to more metrics than ever before, but not all of them are valuable. Here's how to spot totally useless data.

Eric Kim

3 proven tactics to combat bogus traffic

Are marketers doomed to forever be at the mercy of inauthentic analytics? Here's a few tactics your agency or in-house team can implement to circumvent the pesky bots.