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Nielsen Numbers - Video is Everywhere

Nielsen Numbers - Video is Everywhere Jayant Kadambi
I guess a recession can't stop us from watching TV. Of course, it might just be because we're jobless and have nothing better to do. But being an optimist, I think it's a trend that is independent of the macro-economic disaster that we find ourselves in. Take a look at the Nielson report released yesterday, interestingly enough, titled the 3 Screen Report, measuring viewership across TV, the Internet and Mobile.


I've written recently about history lessons backing my assertion that as video is syndicated onto many formats and distribution channels and platforms, the resulting total audience grows because there are more people who have access to the video. And, content owners should stop fretting over lost revenue and instead rake in the accretive revenue.  When I find facts (or even theories) that support my own hare-brained theories, I feel compelled to drive the point home. The Nielson report shows TV viewership up, DVR viewership up and Internet and mobile video viewership up and to the right. Video consumption being up and to the right is a great trend for all of us in this business.

Jayant Kadambi has over 18 years of experience in the areas of networking, hardware architecture and semiconductors. Prior to co–founding YuMe Networks in 2004, Jayant was Vice President R&D and Officer of Netopia, Inc., a publicly held...

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