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The evolution of mobile in entertainment marketing

The evolution of mobile in entertainment marketing Agata Smieciuszewski
You may be tired of hearing it by now, but if you're not already on board with mobile, you're really hurting your brand. Mobile is no longer something that you just need to think about -- it's crucial. Jack Myers from MyersBizNet moderated a discussion on the subject with Mike Rosenberg, VP of media and mobile marketing at Paramount Pictures, and Michele Tobin, VP of brand partnerships and advertising at Rovio Entertainment Ltd., at the iMedia Entertainment Summit.

Mobile has evolved very quickly over the last decade, and success in marketing strategies is very dependent on the ability to change and adapt with it. When it comes to marketing studio and television releases, the medium is equally, if not more, important. Rosenberg and Tobin discussed their extensive history of mobile campaigns to stress the importance of such mobile aspects as accessibility, native advertising, and mobile video. You don't want to turn potential consumers away by making it too difficult to access what information they want. And native advertising has both positive and negative reactions from consumers. It's important to be aware of where you stand. Also, mobile video is a growing sector that has very high potential to reach plenty of new audiences.

The group ended the chat with a discussion about the fact that mobile is no longer considered part of the "emerging" bucket. It is now an integral part of the lives of consumers. Rosenberg emphasized how important it is to make distinctions between each individual screen. Gone are the days when you could build one site and hope it worked for everyone.

"Man hands touching smartphone bright background, closeup" image via Shutterstock.

Agata is a writer, editor, and social media marketer living in Los Angeles. She's a former Associate Editor at iMedia Connection and Social Media Manager and Editor of MMX at Modern Marketing Summit. Before that, she worked in the healthcare,...

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