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Not sure if your tweets are up to snuff? Twanalyze it

Not sure if your tweets are up to snuff? Twanalyze it Matt Kapko

Need some Twitter advice? Don't put too much into it, but you might want to check out Twanalyst.com. After submitting your Twitter handle or that of one of your friends, enemies, or stalker followers, the site will do a quick scan of your Twitter activity and return some helpful feedback.

The simple site will gauge the personality and style of the Twitter account and provide a snapshot of the account's statistics. Finally, Twanalyst.com will also offer you some advice for gaining more followers and how to search for people to follow.

The site isn't scientific by any means, but it's a fun way to learn a little bit more about yourself and others through the Twitter prism.

Matt Kapko has been covering mobile since 2006, before it became cool. He is a relentless journalist and consultant that specializes in the converged space of mobile, digital marketing and advertising, entertainment and media. Eye on Media, a...

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