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Olay Leverages Facebook in Social Campaign

Olay Leverages Facebook in Social Campaign Daisy Whitney
In an effort to stave off a loss in household penetration, Olay ran a social engagement campaign this year to reinvigorate interest in the beauty brand and attract new users, said Bailey Dyer, Brand Manager of Olay at the iMedia in:Focus Summit on What Women Want From Brands.

To do that, Olay researched what female consumers wanted in a beauty brand and came away with a key consumer insight. Many women told Olay: "I want people to be shocked when I tell them my age, because I love when people think I have a beauty secret worth sharing." Olay built a social campaign in tandem with ePrize celebrating its 60th anniversary and encouraging women to share their real age with the world via a Facebook contest. The social campaign was tied to other media, including TV, and Olay saw a lift in all benchmarks it measured, Dyer said. Most important, Olay generated a 23% boost in sales since the start of the campaign, she said.

Also at the summit, Facebook's Erin Hunter, Head of Global CPG Marketing, said one of the keys to advertising on Facebook is weaving offline and third party data into marketing campaigns to reach precise consumers. That could include the integration of more targeted shopper data into campaigns.  "You want to be able to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time," Hunter said.

  By day, Daisy Whitney is a producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and expert in the new media business. At night, she writes novels for teens and is the author of The Mockingbirds (daisywhitney.com/blog), published by Little, Brown in...

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