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Beyond Rich Media – Five Unexpectedly Cool Updates to the Banner Ad

Beyond Rich Media – Five Unexpectedly Cool Updates to the Banner Ad Will Price
The smartest brands today are discarding the old formula for banner advertising – image, tag line, call-to-action, click-through – and bringing a real-time, social media mindset to online advertising.

This new breed of ads not only captures the attention of viewers differently, but offers a myriad of new choices for what to do with that attention. It promises new ways to create buzz, attract customers, capture analytics, and grow brands.

Below are five new and unexpected uses that contribute to defining this new age of banner advertising.

1. There’s an app store for that – Building the new generation of rich-media banner ads will be much easier with FliteHub, a toolbox of apps that can be seamlessly integrated into ads. Adding surveys, contests, images, social media feeds, coupons, and other functions is easy – brands can now select from the many apps developed by partners in FliteHub. Imagine: a banner ad that not only draws interest with a sweepstakes, but allows them to enter and win within seconds.

2. From trailers to tickets – Flite ads have several micro-tabs for social media, reviews and ratings, and a search for local show times where a user can purchase a ticket directly in the ad.  Check out how Super 8 successfully used this feature to drive ticket sales.

3. Shop inside the ad – Traditional banner ads invited a click with the caveat of interrupting the user experience.  New ad technology allows people to shop directly within the ad. Sega took advantage of this feature to promote the release of the game Shogun 2 by providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to pre-order the game on the spot.

4. Real information, right away – It’s important for B2B companies to demonstrate expertise, so why not use an ad to showcase industry knowledge via white papers and Twitter conversations? PWC and Forbes partnered to make market research on tax and wealth management available almost instantly in an ad. Bloomberg Businessweek and ABB English used this feature to make a case for energy efficiency.

5. Instant rewards – A range of marketing initiatives can be expressed in dynamic cloud-based banner ads, including sweepstakes, instant rewards, affinity programs and more. Coke Zero created an ad that responded to viewer interest by expanding to include a live Twitter feed and registration for the Coke Rewards program. Within seconds, viewers interested in Coke Zero Rewards found themselves on the program’s microsite, interacting with the brand.

Banner ads don’t have to be boring and static – not with cloud-based technology pulling in relevant content that matters to users. The future of advertising is a forum where ads grab a viewer’s attention with relevant, actionable content. That future is now.

Will Price is the CEO of Flite, an online advertising technology company. Flite pioneered the category of cloud-based advertising, helping brands and publishers deliver ads, powered by the real-time web, that outperform traditional display by more...

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