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4 seasonal trends in mobile

For many advertisers, "seasonality" means one thing: the holidays. Sure, there are other calendar events that are well-suited to campaigns for particular brands, like March Madness and Back to School. But for many, it all comes down to one thing -- the slow but steady rise into the winter holiday season, with purchases peaking in December and then falling steeply into January, into what is generally the most down period of the year for advertising.

If we take a look at mobile phone use patterns (here seen by monthly impressions), however, it becomes apparent that there are lots of mini-surges and dips throughout the calendar year. Our parent company, Opera Mediaworks, compared the first half of 2012 to that of 2013 and found a clear pattern, and we can speculate that the second half of 2013 might follow a similar pattern.

The biggest surge we can see on the chart is during Spring Break season. Beginning in March and lasting well into April, consumers are using their phones almost as much as they are in the pre-holiday November period. What a great time to run some spring season campaigns. Auto advertisers, for instance, might take advantage of all those mobile impressions to promote spring sales events with customized-by-local-region campaigns.

Another surge to consider is the late August hump. This is likely due to lots of students heading back to school, plus the beginning of the fall sports season. And sports are a huge influence on mobile use: consumers now rely on  their mobile devices to keep updated on scores and their fantasy league teams.

This spring, for example, the opening of Major League Baseball season drove the entire Sports category to capture the most amount of revenue on the platform. Mobile media buyers should take this trend into consideration this to get an early start on campaigns for the fall season.

Scott Swanson is CEO and co-founder of Aki Technologies (www.a.ki), the first ad platform built for mobile moment targeting and insights. A pioneer in mobile advertising, Scott previously founded Mobile Theory, one of the industry’s most...

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