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And the iMedia Visionary Marketer Award goes to...

Betsy Farber
And the iMedia Visionary Marketer Award goes to... Betsy Farber
At the iMedia Entertainment Summit lunch in Beverly Hills, California, former SVP, interactive marketing at Warner Bros., Michael Tritter, was honored with the iMedia Visionary Marketer Award. His mentor, friend, and last year's Visionary Marketer Award winner Don Buckley, EVP, CMO, Showtime Networks, presented Tritter with the award, and joked that "When I hired Tritter back in 1996, my hair was brown and he was green." Tritter has come a long way since then. Frequently referred to as a "digital guru," Tritter has spent the last 18 years overseeing all parts of the WB's digital campaigns  for  its theatrical releases. His contributions and innovations touched more than 250 marketing campaigns including "The Great Gatsby," the "Harry Potter" franchise, creating viral campaigns for "Inception," "The Dark Knight," and cross-media integration for "Man of Steel," to name a few.

Over the course of his career, he has seen first-hand the evolution of and has had a huge impact within the digital world. He mentioned that  in the beginning,  many didn't understand the power of the internet and what he was trying to achieve through digital marketing for films. Aligning the marketing strategy with the creative vision of the filmmaker has always been the challenge. Specifically, how to create enough curiosity through a film's marketing campaign without giving away too much of the plot. And the lack of passion from filmmakers toward marketing -- mainly digital marketing --  is always apparent. But Tritter notes that ideas are much easier to sell if directors like Christopher Nolan or Spike Jonze are on board. Instead of the primary focus being making a campaign to go viral, he emphasizes the most effective initial motivation for marketers should be tapping into the emotions that cause consumers to share content.

Although, native advertising can be a dirty word to marketers, Tritter isn't afraid to use it. He referenced a native advertising campaign for "The Great Gatsby," executed on Tumblr, as one of the most successful marketing campaigns for the film.

Tritter said that collaborating to create the best campaigns has been a big part of his success. "Having all of the creatives developing content simultaneously for all platforms," Tritter said, "is the most exciting part of the marketing process."

No matter what Tritter's next endeavor might be -- he is also a writer and musician -- he will no doubt continue to forge new ground in the digital marketing space.
Betsy Farber

Betsy graduated from Fordham University, at Lincoln Center in New York with a B.A. in Communications/Journalism. Before coming to iMedia, Betsy was a writer for DrinkEatTravel.com where she covered restaurant openings and food events in Los...

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