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Coca-Cola, Samsung and McDonald's share their latest campaign secrets

Coca-Cola, Samsung and McDonald's share their latest campaign secrets Melissa Wong
The concept of the U.K. Brand Summit is clear: to bring together a select, personally-invited group of senior individuals representing major national and international brands, then give them the opportunity to honestly discuss the greatest challenges facing their business in a relaxed, luxurious environment. As brands the world over struggle to evolve their media communications strategy and integrate innovative digital concepts, it is becoming imperative for brand managers and strategists to understand how and why their peers are developing winning campaigns.
As with any iMedia summit, the advisory board have played a key role in developing the content themes and inviting the most appropriate speakers and panel members. Jeanie Bergin, founder of brand strategists Thinking W.I.D.E., is chairing the event and helped the content team bring the most appropriate contributors on board. She believes modern marketing communications need to be spot-on in order to be effective in today's noisy, crowded, message-strewn universe:
'In our over-communicated society, the paradox is that nothing is more important than communication: saying the right thing to the right people in the right way at the right time in the right place. This makes today's marketing challenge not so much niche products, as niche messages… surely an opportunity for digital to truly release its potential.'
One of the highlights of the Brand Summit will be that delegates have a rare opportunity to hear from Coca Cola's European interactive marketing manager, Miguel Moreno Toscano, who will share some of Coke's unique approaches to engaging diverse audiences. From reinventing connections with the youth to creating digital brand experiences in the area of gaming, sports and loyalty programs, delegates are aiming to discover some of the success factors behind this globally distinct brand.
Jeanie Bergin will lead the pick of the panels and will start with a look at how brands can adopt a more holistic approach to their off- and online strategies. Joining Jeanie is a wealth of senior talent, with Channel Five's head of brand strategy, Cisco's European senior marketing manager and Sony Ericsson's digital marketing manager, among others. Delegates will be challenging the panel with questions on core issues including measuring and quantifying ROI within your integrated strategy, reconnecting with consumers in the multi-channelled universe plus how to build more cohesive relationships with your agency network.
Samsung Mobile's global head of interactive marketing, Blake Harrop, will also be catching the full attention of the delegates as he reveals the rationale and thinking behind the brand's very latest live online campaign. Again, delegates will be posing questions and challenging the concepts at every stage in the true spirit of any iMedia Summit, which is to play a proactive, rather than passive, role.
Another panel discussion will examine how much consumers really are in the driving seat and how the rule book has changed for advertisers forever. Senior brand and experience managers will represent brands including Cadbury, Dell and Toptable.com to help drive an exciting and enlightening experience.
In changing times, brands are in the unique position to establish and maintain more effective and durable relationships with customers who aren't necessarily 'consumers' any more. Brands must ensure that they remain relevant, and avoid talking with nobody listening. The so-called 'fragmentation' of the media paves the way for challenging and exciting times for brands, agencies and publishers alike. One session, led by Giovanni Fabris, former VP and international media director of McDonald's, will address these core themes.
Overall, the aims of the Summit will be to not only bring a senior group of brand marketers, strategists and experts together, but to welcome the free-thinking opinions of those working with digital technology and communication at an agency and publisher level, too. Over the course of the two-and-a-half days the event is taking place, there should be a wealth of exciting debates, conversations, arguments and revelations that will leave everyone feeling invigorated and refreshed, hopefully returning to their offices with plenty to implement and lots to share as they move their own campaign strategies forward effectively into the future.
There's still time to be a part of the Summit! Senior brand marketers attend as VIP guests for free, though we also welcome applications to purchase the last handful of remaining tickets from agencies, publishers and digital technology providers. Click here for more information.
Melissa Wong is content manager, iMedia connection U.K.

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Warwick where she studied Comparative American Studies. After graduating, she joined one of the world's leading conference companies, IQPC, as a producer. She then moved to Centaur Publishing where she...

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