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Ad Models in Mobile, Video, VOD & Gaming

Ad Models in Mobile, Video, VOD & Gaming Scot McLernon

Innovation is rampant in the categories of mobile, interactive broadcast, video-on-demand (VOD) and game-oriented advertising. Experimentation is explosive. New ad units, formats and ideas come to market every month.

Hear from leading innovators in the publishing and agency world -- Weather Channel, USA Today, CBS, Ogilvy Interactive -- about their latest projects; why they did them and what the results were. Find out how these leading-edge players calculate the return on investment on their early trials. Get exposed to the latest research and real market data on next-generation VOD advertising from Atlas DMT, a market leader in online advertising research. Learn the results of an Atlasdynamic insertion pilot program, which is third-party ad serving and tracking in the VOD cable environment.

This session presents real market data, not simulations from a laboratory. Right now, almost all the research on VOD is on long-form advertising (fixed spots advertisers produce and users request) or fixed pre-rolls/post-rolls. The dynamic insertion pilot you'll hear about will give you data from what the VOD environment really promises, which is internet-like flexibility and optimization opportunities. If you love new ideas, this session is for you! 

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

Scot entered the business in 1995, selling some of the web’s initial banners and interactive “booths” for the web’s first online and offline trade show titled “Web Innovation”. Since then his sales team leadership...

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