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Budgeting for innovation

Time was, agencies budgeted 10 percent of their budgets for experimentation. These days, some say that’s too much, while others say that’s way too little.

  • How do you plan for innovation?

  • Where’s the balance?

  • How much should you spend on new and interesting thing that aren’t yet proven?

  • What’s the cost of waiting for case studies or critical mass vs. what’s the cost of jumping in too soon?

  • How do you sell the future when there’s no precedent?

  • What are the benefits of success or the costs of failure?

  • Does the size of your agency and client matter?

  • How do you set expectations for failure when chances of success are so low?

Listen in on John Durham and his panel of experts as they answer these questions.

John Durham is managing general partner of Catalyst, a strategy firm for digital start-ups and early-funding companies. A true industry veteran, most recently Durham served as executive vice president, business strategy at Carat Fusion for Carat's...

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