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The creative zone: five great new campaigns assessed

The creative zone: five great new campaigns assessed Dean Donaldson
Across the world of online display, there is currently a huge range of high impact online campaigns, using a variety of techniques and creative themes which range from subtle to explosive.
Our just released 'five to watch' list includes a range from movies and games, to cars and business technology:
1. WatchmenCreative agency: Tea. View Campaign.
Why it's hot: Watchmen is one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of the year, and this 'click to expand' campaign delivers an impressive cinematic experience, using a skin and full screen video. The user can also click on individual Watchmen characters to find out more, and view additional video clips about each one. A prominently placed 'sound on' button encourages the user to turn up the volume.
2. Football Academy. Media agency: Mediacom U.K.; creative: Mediacom Create. View Campaign.
Why it's hot: this interactive teaser for EA's Football Academy on Nintendo DS allows users to play a football shoot-out game within the ad itself. The ad ends by encouraging the user to find out about the full version of the game. After playing the game, the user can play again, challenge a friend by sending the game via e-mail, or share it as a widget on a social network.
3. Windows Mobile. Media agency: Universal McCann FS; creative: Box Car, U.S. View Campaign.
Why it's hot: this ad invites the user to choose the Windows Mobile phone they own and then demonstrates how the new version of Windows Mobile can make their lives easier in everyday situations (shopping, meeting friends for lunch, etc.). The video is shot from the user's point of view, giving the feeling that the product seamlessly integrates into their lifestyle. The user can explore the functions and specifications -- all inside the banner. 
4. Nissan/Sports Illustrated. Media agency: SI.com; creative: SI.com. View Campaign.
Why it's hot: Nissan partnered with Sports Illustrated to deliver an attention-grabbing campaign. A different expandable banner was released each day for six days leading up to the SI Swimsuit Edition launch. The banners included videos of potential cover girls, and users were able to vote for who they thought should be selected to be on this year's cover. They could also enter a sweepstake by providing their name and email address -- the prize was to attend a sporting event of their choice in the company of a swimsuit model.
5. Microsoft SQL Server. Media agency: Computerworld; creative: Computerworld. View Campaign.  
Why it's hot: this expandable banner has a dynamic menu that offers clear product descriptions and video demos, narrated by Microsoft team leaders and designed to provide a high level of authenticity. The user can also activate video case studies that supply the product testimonials. All of these elements are delivered within the banner itself.
Dean Donaldson is the digital experience strategist at Eyeblaster.

Marketing strategist. Consumer evangelist. Digital futurologist. Dean Donaldson is a world-renowned global conspiracist who is passionate about driving creative technology to ensure personalised brand engagement progress across all media channels,...

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