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3 ways to survive the Wild West of mobile content

3 ways to survive the Wild West of mobile content Sarah Fay

Tablets and smartphones have introduced a whole new realm of interactivity. Users can rotate cars, look around rooms, and make Puss in Boots chase a light... simply. There's very little learning curve for users to feel "fluent" with the behaviors. For some examples, watch this demo reel of possibilities, put out by Google.


But creating the content that users are expecting comes with a daunting set of challenges. Here's Sarah Fay to talk with Celtra CEO and Founder Miha Mikek about "the wild west" of mobile rich media.


Conversation Highlights

0:53 - The wild west of the mobile marketing space
1:25 - The 3 biggest challenges of mobile rich media
2:20 - Solving the challenges
3:05 - 300 million smartphones, huge mobile Twitter and Facebook use
4:15 - Growth in Japan
5:10 - Give the industry a grade on creative...
6:45 - Campaigns for Infiniti and Bank of America
7:55 - The pros and cons of being based in Slovenia
9:00 - Creators need to be the heaviest users of the products
9:45 - Opportunities with Shazam, Rovio, Facebook

Run time is 10:53

As a bonus, here are some campaigns created by Celtra.


Celtra offers the most flexible and easy-to-use platform that enables scalable, rich media mobile advertising across native apps and the mobile web on the most popular device platforms. Celtra empowers agencies, ad networks and publishers to quickly create, distribute and measure rich media mobile display advertising. The company’s AdCreator platform offers unmatched flexibility for creative campaign execution, best-in-class ad formats and extensive metrics to track and optimize campaigns.

Sarah Fay is a veteran of the media services industry. In her more than two decades of experience, she has developed and implemented groundbreaking new models for advertising and media. Over the course of her career, Fay has become a well-known...

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