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The Future of Video Buying

Maureen Bosetti, EVP, National Broadcast Director, Optimedia
Jackie Kulesza, SVP/Broadcast Activation Director, Starcom USA
Kristian Magel, EVP, Director National Broadcast, Initiative U.S.
Suzie Reider, Head of Industry Development, YouTube Global Video
Stacey Shepatin, SVP, Director of National Broadcast, Hill Holiday; Co-Author of "Social TV"
Moderator: Jack Myers, Media Economist/Chairman, Media Advisory Group

Video and TV are the hottest sectors in marketing. And for good reason - aside from the largest share of marketing budget, there's nothing like sight, sound and (e)motion to connect with consumers and motivate them to care, consider, and buy. Consumers are not only viewing more video than ever, the platform upon which they watch video is simply a matter of convenience - on their tablet, on their cell, on their TV, on the plane, at the gas pump, and so on. As marketers, we have an opportunity to reach consumers wherever they choose to watch. How do you enrich the consumer's brand experience in an environment where video now coexists with every single activity, and across every single platform in their daily lives?

To that end, does buying video in silos make sense anymore? In this keynote panel, we will bring together senior TV and video buyers to explore the transition of video buying. What sales models works in partnership for fluidity of cross device video marketing? Will traditional TV buyers and digital video buyers continue incommunicado, or will they become one? What are the challenges to making this happen? What needs to change for digital to be the first thing that people think of? Where do tablets and social viewing come in? How will the convergence of TV and digital video impact the 2012 upfront season?

Jack Myers is a media ecologist and chairman of MyersBizNet, a community of more than 200 media and advertising companies. MyersBizNet's community organizations include Women in Media Mentoring Initiative, MediaVillage, and Media Legends. Myers is...

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