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Samsung Galaxy's Mobile Entertainment Strategy

Samsung Galaxy's Mobile Entertainment Strategy Paul Kontonis

Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the Board, International Academy of Web Television; VP/Group Director, Brand Content, The Third Act, Digitas
Nancy Tamayo, Head of Brand Partnerships & Media Sales, Collective Digital Studio

By partnering with FreddieW, one of "The Most Powerful YouTube Stars in the World" (Business Insider), Samsung stormed the viral video chart in September 2011, debuting at Number 1 and driving over 9.6 million video views for its new Galaxy S II smart phone. The program, created in partnership with Digitas and Collective Digital Studio, illustrates the power of matching like-minded creative forces and giving them the freedom to translate a brand message organically and authentically to an engaged audience base. With the goal of showcasing the power of the Galaxy S II to create and consume content, the FreddieW YouTube Channel (Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch) was singled out as an ideal platform to build awareness for the handset, based on its position at the forefront of creative online filmmaking, visual effects and video game culture. "Gamer Commute," the principal video of the campaign, was filmed in part using the Galaxy S II and was packed full of visual references to popular and classic video games. A companion behind-the-scenes video detailed the filmmaking process and the creative use of the phone. The campaign drew wide coverage in the trade press and exemplifies the "best practices" of integrated marketing.

Paul Kontonis is 20 years digital media veteran with an industry leading expertise in original digital video programming and originals content businesses. Paul recently launched the highly acclaimed Magnet Media Originals, a next generation web...

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