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Closing Keynote: Celebrity Influencers - Cool Tech Meets Great Entertainment

Closing Keynote: Celebrity Influencers - Cool Tech Meets Great Entertainment iMedia Editors

Today the web is bringing us entertainment from a wide variety of talent, many of whom are being created and discovered online and defining the channels of the next generation. With YouTube's recent investment in 100 new channels, My Damn Channel and many other video content solutions, the web celebrity influencer has been born! These influencers draw millions of viewers a day in a very targeted way, creating new business models for sponsors and advertisers to gather, but leveraging their powerful draw as an "earned audience" for brands. When you combine great creative content execution while relating a brand's message to its specific scalable audience, you have a very powerful model. And that devoted fan base keeps giving, helping drive high engagement for brand messages that may never have gotten properly exposed and socializing them in very organic ways. So how do you evaluate the right influencer and which one is the right one to use for your brand or your content play? Which has the right audience? How do these new celebs really manage their powerful roles as influencers; and what's the right balance of their creative freedom and their commercial value? Join Tech Catalyst, Lori H. Schwartz as she takes us through this exciting world with a special fire side chat with Dane Boedigheimer, filmmaker, goofball extraordinaire and more commonly known as one of the top video influencers of all time - the "Annoying Orange." Orange has over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 10 million Facebook fans, and has over 1.1 billion video views total. On top of that, the "Annoying Orange" series premieres on Cartoon Network this June and has a complete line of toys, shirts and other merchandise. Hear some of the secrets behind building a community around original content and charting new ground as an "earned media" influencer and a new broadcast star...and some very smart advice from some very wise fruit!


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