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3 secrets to lasting digital partnerships

3 secrets to lasting digital partnerships Adam Kmiec

Making connections and forming business relationships is crucial to the future of any brand, digital marketing agency, or service company. Maturing a relationship into a partnership, however, is a completely different story. How do you build and maintain trust as you collaborate? What can you do to strengthen your efforts as a team? The Campbell Soup Co. global director of digital and social marketing Adam Kmiec speaks about the three top things you need to be doing to make and maintain strong digital marketing relationships. First and foremost, Adam says not investing in partnerships will seriously limit your business potential.


Conversation highlights
0:00 — Understanding your partner's long term goals
0:35 — The quality over quality angle
1:19 — Mix personal with professional
2:10 — Insights over opinions
2:28 — Campbell's example
2:53 — It's the CFO
3:30 — Testing doesn't mean you do it small
Run is 4:33

Adam Kmiec has worked for some of the most forward thinking organizations in the world, while helping some of the most dynamic brands find success in the interactive and social space. Currently he is Director, Digital Marketing and Social Media at The Campbell Soup Company. In his role he is responsible for developing a global digital marketing and social media strategy that encompasses both consumer-facing communications and corporate initiatives to make Campbell one of the most digitally fit organizations in the world.

On some level we are who we’ve worked for and the brands we worked on. We accumulate knowledge from the experiences we've had and we extract wisdom from those we worked with. For more than 15 years, Adam Kmiec has worked for some of the most...

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