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Shaping the Future of Marketing Innovation

The future of marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. Mobile is playing an increasingly significant role, "Big Data" is now part of virtually every conversation and the integration of new and innovative marketing channels with traditional programs has never been more challenging.

The evolution of the mobile device brings significant improvements in the measurement and accountability of marketing investments, and places a sharper focus on achieving campaign objectives around mobile loyalty and engagement. It also provides marketers the unique opportunity to make more powerful and precise data-driven decisions than ever before, as they now have the ability to leverage the always-on access to subscribers via their mobile devices. There is no stronger relationship between a customer and a potential marketing channel than there is between a user and their connected devices. Given the increased reliance upon the device with the advent of mobile social media, navigation, mobile banking and so much more, the role of mobile has quickly escalated to being the centerpiece of consumers' daily lives. It's this relationship that enables marketers to solve for the longstanding challenge of shifting the measurable customer engagement further down the purchase funnel to greatly improve marketing ROI.

Stephanie Bauer Marshall has more than 12 years experience in the marketing, advertising and wireless fields. Marshall leads the mobile marketing, advertising and search group at Verizon Wireless, where she launched the first mobile advertising...

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