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Kmiec, Adam

Some people believe you are what you eat. Adam Kmiec believes that you are who you've worked for -- including your client brands. If that is, in fact, the case, Kmiec is one of the more innovative, forward-thinking marketers around.

For 15 years, Kmiec has helped some of the most dynamic brands in the world find success in the interactive and social space. Currently, he is the director of digital marketing and social media at The Campbell Soup Co., where he is responsible for both consumer-facing communications and corporate initiatives.

Following a year's stint as director of social media at Walgreens, Kmiec joined Campbell in May of this year. "Coming into a new organization and driving change is never easy," he says. "But, when I think about my proudest achievement in the past year, it is something under the hood and not under the bright lights. It took us less than 45 days to agree on one global digital vision, the supporting strategies, and the focus for year one. That's speed. And in today's marketplace, you need speed to win. I get to see up close, every day, the consistent organizational buy-in to that vision, our implementation of our strategies, and the way we are re-wiring to match the tempo of the marketplace."

Kmiec's career spans both the brand and agency sides of the marketing and advertising industry, including roles at Fallon, Leo Burnett, and ConAgra Foods. Past clients while on the agency side have included Nikon, True Value, Purina, United, American Airlines, Nintendo, BMW, Kellogg's, and many others.

A frequent industry speaker and news contributor, Kmiec is always up for a good discussion or debate. He's also currently working on a book titled, "Yes, It's Hypocritical," due for completion next summer.

You can follow Kmiec on Twitter at @adamkmiec.

On some level we are who we’ve worked for and the brands we worked on. We accumulate knowledge from the experiences we've had and we extract wisdom from those we worked with. For more than 15 years, Adam Kmiec has worked for some of the most...

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