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Hart, Alix

Alix Hart's resume probably puts yours to shame. But don't feel bad -- her resume puts most people's to shame. After all, for more than a decade, she has led the digital marketing charge for some of the world's most impressive brands.

At Time Inc., Hart held several senior-level positions, including vice president of AmericanFamily.com and vice president of online marketing. In these roles, she led new digital business and online marketing initiatives for the magazine store portfolio division, including email strategy, paid search, digital advertising, and web analytics. Prior to that, at Dyson, she helmed Dyson.com in the U.S., as well as CRM and digital advertising initiatives. She came to Dyson after a distinguished turn at PepsiCo, where she held various roles tied to marketing, web strategy, digital media, multicultural initiatives, and Pepsi ONE.

Nowadays, Hart is flexing her digital savvy at Best Buy, where she serves as vice president of paid and earned media. In this position, she leads Best Buy's advertising strategy and budget, including digital marketing partnerships, mobile marketing, and social media, as well as traditional TV and print media.

"I'm extremely proud of how we've integrated paid and earned media into one cohesive team," Hart says. "To have the ability to plan a holistic strategy that merges the organic side of our editorial calendar in social media with our paid media investments is starting to pay dividends that I believe will make a real difference in how we drive traffic to Best Buy this holiday season. What were once two separate strategies are developed in concert, with some digital and social marketing partnerships getting more paid media amplification and other paid media programs bringing new content and ideas to our social engagement with our fans and followers. It also allows us to measure our efforts in places like social media in one holistic scorecard."

Hart and her team have also helped to amplify sales awareness across all digital touchpoints. They launched Deals.BestBuy.com as a starting point in December 2011, and since then, they have taken that core experience multi-channel to serve the right offers in the right places. "We'll soon be expanding on our deals platform with a new tablet app and integration with our loyalty program, Reward Zone, so our loyal customers can save items in a Watch List and be notified when the price drops or reaches a price that they set," she says. "It's a seamless set of digital experiences that help our consumers shop however they want, always close to our latest products and sales."


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