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Why the click-through rate is dead

Why the click-through rate is dead Shenan Reed

Since the beginning of the banner ad, brands and agencies have been asking the same question: What is my click-through rate? It has become an obsessive metric for many digital campaigns. But while the CTR may be simple, it also may be useless. So when it comes to tracking and optimizing campaigns, what are the metrics we should be measuring? The truth is, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. But every company should be asking this question: What behavior do we want to elicit from the consumer? Engagement is the key, and tracking it for optimization is the challenge. Morpheus Media's chief media officer, Shenan Reed, spoke to iMedia about why we should toss the click-through rate aside. She also talked about why the TV model of media buying may be the way of the future for digital.

Conversation highlights

0:00 — How paid search has evolved in digital
0:41 — Why the click-through rate is a dead metric
1:21 — The 4 things you need to bring to the table or risk failure
1:30 — The importance of measuring engagement
2:00 — Will we see the rise of the cost per 30 second view?
2:28 — Should we optimize for multiple devices?
3:09 — The challenge for small to mid-sized agencies
4:07 — Why small agencies have an important advantage
4:34 — The worst thing that can happen to the digital marketing industry is...
Run time is 5:00.

As chief media officer, Shenan Reed leads the digital media group for Morpheus Media, a CREATETHE GROUP company. A world-renowned digital strategy and media expert, Reed co-founded Morpheus Media in 2001 and subsequently joined CREATETHE GROUP when the company merged with Morpheus in June 2011. Within a few short years, Morpheus Media emerged as one of the top digital marketing and media firms for luxury and premium brands such as Bergdorf Goodman, The New York Times, Dior, LVMH, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, DKNY, Hennessy, and The Economist, among many others. An accomplished thought leader, Reed is active on the speaking circuit and is regularly quoted in Women's Wear Daily, The Business of Fashion, Luxury Daily, The New York Times, and Fortune Magazine.

As President of the US L’Oreal business it is Shenan’s job to oversee the strategic direction of the partnership between MEC and L’Oreal USA.   She is responsible for further driving the advancement of the partnership and...

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