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Understanding Why Creatives Ignore the Data Staring Them in the Face

Understanding Why Creatives Ignore the Data Staring Them in the Face Josh Sklar

Josh Sklar, president and creative director of the virtual advertising agency, Heresy, and former global chief creative of a few large WPP agencies, will explain the best ways for data professionals to work with creative teams. This way, creatives are not facetiously nodding their heads as they listen to valuable insights, only to ignore them in lieu of gut, experience and imagination. There will be a hands-on workshop component to help you understand the typical process a creative director and strategist will go through in determining the best way to achieve the client's goals and where exactly they would welcome input. For their upcoming book, "Digital Doesn't Matter (and other advertising heresies)," Sklar and his writing partner have interviewed over 120 global agency and client-side marketing professionals to uncover heresies in the business that are causing it to collapse and require transformation, and he will share some of these findings, as well.

Josh Sklar is the founder and President of Heresy (http://heresy.co), having conceived the virtual agency after years of working for traditional ad agencies, digital shops, and nonprofits. He is currently co-authoring a crowdsourced and crowdfunded...

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