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Keynote: Cracking the Code of Human Behavior

Keynote: Cracking the Code of Human Behavior Doug Weaver

What if the industry suddenly walked away entirely from impressions? How about a future where computer-based internet browsing suddenly seemed as dated as the 14.4 modem? Yesterday's heretic is today's prophet and tomorrow's sage. Only by considering the possibilities can we get control of our own future. In a provocative, seller-only breakfast session, Upstream Group CEO and iMedia Senior Analyst Doug Weaver offers up five "futures" which can challenge, invigorate and possibly save the digital ad business.

Doug Weaver is a highly regarded strategist and opinion leader in the world of online advertising. Over the past 16 years he's worked with over 600 leading companies, including Facebook, Yahoo!, Apple, Fox Sports, USA TODAY, CBS Digital Media, YuMe,...

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