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Keynote: Mad Men, Math Men & Oreos

Keynote: Mad Men, Math Men & Oreos Doug Weaver

Weaver's two sides of the Oreo, "transaction" and "marketecture," morphed into "programmatic" and "native" and continue to exert their gravitational pull on the math and mad men, respectively. But can these two competing schools of thought be brought together? Weaver says yes, and will explore how, in brief, provocative keynote remarks. He'll then lead a candid and thought-provoking discussion and town hall featuring leaders from the "math" and "mad" schools of thought.

With: Alastair Green, Team One; Tim Suther, Acxiom; and Doug Weaver, Upstream Group / iMedia Senior Analyst (moderator).

Doug Weaver is a highly regarded strategist and opinion leader in the world of online advertising. Over the past 16 years he's worked with over 600 leading companies, including Facebook, Yahoo!, Apple, Fox Sports, USA TODAY, CBS Digital Media, YuMe,...

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