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How to engage the SoLoMo mom

If you're able to direct attention away from your smartphone, look around -- among all other groups buried deep in their devices, busy moms might be the majority. As a result of their multimedia consumption habits, moms are making more informed buying decisions for their families than ever before. Consequently, marketers are scrambling to develop a clear understanding of modern mom and her behavior across devices.

During his Spotlight presentation at the iMedia InFocus Summit in Chicago, Brand.net's VP of products and business development, Rajat Shroff, gave attendees an in-depth look at some surprising statistics about mom's consumption behavior. In addition, Shroff was joined by Quaker Foods' director of digital and social media, Barbara Liss, to detail how the brand, in partnership with Brand.net, engages mom with social, local, and mobile (SoLoMo).

According to Shroff, a major focus of Brand.net is "taking offline data and making it actionable online via local targeting, geo targeting, and purchase-based targeting primarily to help brands reach consumers, consumer influencers, and shoppers." Essentially, the company combines data and insights to provide brands with powerful reach and engagement. A major focus of today's brand is reaching mom as a result of her buying power and influence. As such, Shroff painted a detailed picture of the digital mom to encourage successful engagement in SoLoMo arenas.

To begin his presentation, Shroff compared the mom consumer of a decade ago to the mom of today. Yesterday's mom was much less connected, spending less than one hour online per day. Today, she is spending more than three hours of her day online. In addition, only 17 percent of moms surveyed 10 years ago believed that the internet was important. As such, mom was getting her product information through traditional forms of advertising and being treated by marketers as a shopper rather than a driver of consumption behavior. Today, however, everything has changed. As Shroff noted, "Moms who have smartphones spend around six hours a day on their devices...and every third minute is spent on a social channel." The phone has become the "life remote of the mom." In addition, Shroff explained that "80 percent of working moms get most of their information from online sources...and 75 percent of moms believe they couldn't live without social sites."

Clearly, it's time for marketers to treat modern mom as the consumption influencer. In order to do so, it's vital to understand the SoLoMo mom. According to Shroff, "93 percent of U.S. moms have access to the internet," and most of the consumption is happening on mobile phones and tablets. Not only are moms looking for information on specific products and services, they are also looking for positive interactions with brands. As Shroff explained, "77 percent of moms follow one or more brands on a social channel," and 42 percent have made purchases as a result of recommendations from a social site. In other words, the SoLoMo mom is here to stay.

Shroff then brought on Barbara Liss to explain what this means for brands moving forward. Liss shared some of the ways Quaker effectively targets moms, a brand that understands this powerful demographic.

Quaker engages mom in all three SoLoMo arenas. On social, Liss explained, "We talk to mom as mom." Facebook is not the place to urge moms to buy a product. The company has revamped its content strategy to focus on creating "emotional fuel." On Facebook, for example, the company creates emotional connections with posts such as, "Motherhood: You know your life has changed when going to the grocery store by yourself is a vacation."

In addition, the company has implemented ratings and reviews on its website to increase engagement and drive business results. On mobile, the company looks beyond the banner by making sure its social content is built for mobile and by introducing iAds tied to moms' behaviors. Quaker has also worked with Pandora to reach moms where they consume music online.

Lastly, Quaker connects with moms locally by providing mobile ads that are relevant to the user's location, and the company has partnered with AT&T to enable geo-fencing. According to Liss, "We are continuously pursuing new areas to reach, engage and activate moms. Brand.net has been open to working with us on new techniques and the early signs are successful."

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