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2 big mistakes sellers are making

2 big mistakes sellers are making Doug Weaver

Not empathizing with the customer

While it might sound basic, it's crucial to put yourself in the shoes of the consumers and understand that they do not care about the competitive fight your company might be in, or if you hit your next quota. A little empathy can go a long way and make you better at your job. Would you want to be bombarded with pop-ups, over-frequented interstitials, or non-user initiated audio? Try to keep in mind the ultimate goal: selling advertising without annoying the recipient.

Being incremental and safe

Big marketers want to make big decisions. If you're a seller focused on the little things, you'll never have a seat with the real big decision makers. While it's important to be detail orientated, don't be so obsessed with minor things like the way a piece of creative looks or how many clicks you're getting. Think big, and you'll earn a place with other marketers who also like to think macro, make bold moves, and achieve ambitious goals.

Doug Weaver, CEO of Upstream Group, speaks to iMedia about these two big mistakes and how to avoid sitting at the "kids' table" for marketers.

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Doug Weaver is a highly regarded strategist and opinion leader in the world of online advertising. Over the past 16 years he's worked with over 600 leading companies, including Facebook, Yahoo!, Apple, Fox Sports, USA TODAY, CBS Digital Media, YuMe,...

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