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The 3 biggest mistakes marketers can make next year

The 3 biggest mistakes marketers can make next year Sarah Fay

Keeping the 2013 status quo

This is a basic point, but an important one. Marketers need to change up their mode of operation in 2014. Seasoned marketers tend to feel like the years blend together, but there is value in refreshing your thinking every year. Approach 2014 as an opportunity to reinvent your strategies, get rid of initiatives that aren't working, and take big risks. The beginning of the year is the time to be bold and fearless with your ideas. If things don't pan out, you always have the rest of the year to adjust. Above all, just be sure that you are shaking things up for 2014.

Not keeping a broad perspective on your responsibilities

Inevitably, 2014 will be a year of collaboration. With the industry changing so quickly, trends popping up, and technical challenges to overcome, it won't be enough to just fulfill your specific set of responsibilities. Marketers will have to broaden their idea of what their responsibilities are within a company. To succeed, you need to take on more from different departments and operate as a well-rounded employee who is knowledgeable in multiple facets of your organization. Learn a little from every department and take on a small role in multiple projects. This will position you as a valuable and knowledgeable team member.

Not getting in the mobile game

If there's one thing that is going to be important to careers, companies, and consumers, it's mobile. Mobile is looking more like digital did back in 2002 in the sense that all marketers know they need to get involved, but it's too early to know exactly how. If your company isn't at least investing in a mobile strategy, you will be very behind in 2014. Mobile is only going to grow -- it is practically its own category alongside digital. Marketers who succeed in the next year will be those who have a passion for utilizing mobile within their brand or agency. Because it's so early in the mobile game, the opportunities and potential are very exciting. Use 2014 as an opportunity to try bold new things with your mobile strategy, and create new ways to connect to consumers. Branded apps, mobile banners, and QR codes are just the beginning.

Sarah Fay, chairman of the board of governors for dmg events, speaks to iMedia about the three biggest mistakes marketers can make for the coming year and how to avoid them.

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Sarah Fay is a veteran of the media services industry. In her more than two decades of experience, she has developed and implemented groundbreaking new models for advertising and media. Over the course of her career, Fay has become a well-known...

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