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How Coca-Cola tells engaging stories via social

How Coca-Cola tells engaging stories via social Franchesca Nguyen

Social media gives brands the opportunity to speak to vast audiences in real time. In this Q&A, Brynn Bardacke, global group creative director, The Coca-Cola Company, describes how Coca-Cola uses social to spread its brand stories far and wide.

Q: Globally, are there any regions you aren't currently working with that you would personally look forward to doing business with?

A: The greatest privilege of my job is that I get to work with every region as The Coca-Cola Company operates in just about every country in the world. I am not only connected to diverse and talented colleagues, but also to the rich cultural fabric that covers the globe. The truly remarkable thing is that despite the diversity, we are developing big ideas from every corner of the world that travel -- from the "Share A Coke" effort that started in Australia that is now in more than 60 markets, to the "Coke Studio" that started in Pakistan in 2007 and grew to India (2011), Middle East (2012), and Africa (2013).

Q: How is The Coca-Cola Company developing content exclusively for social media dissemination?

A: The Coca-Cola Company's "Liquid and Linked" marketing strategy places a new emphasis on dynamic storytelling to connect with people across multiple connection points. So, we see social media as just another channel that helps us tell our brand stories. For example, during this year's Super Bowl, we launched #AmericaIsBeautiful. While the Super Bowl was the perfect stage to spark a cultural conversation in just 60 seconds, social media allowed us to tell the stories of each of the amazing, yet everyday, Americans in a five-minute film.

Franchesca Nguyen is communication coordinator at iMedia.

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