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How TiVo is employing single-source cross-media measurement

How TiVo is employing single-source cross-media measurement iMedia Editors

As TV has evolved into a multi-device platform, tracking consumer media consumption for advertisers and marketers has become a greater challenge. As a result, media measurement has fallen behind. Panel-based measurement doesn't capture the full range of available content (especially online), while fusion-based cross-media methods can only speculate on basic metrics like cross-media reach and frequency.

During the TiVo Research Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Content Summit in Huntington Beach, Calif., Jonathan Steuer, chief research officer at TiVo Research, discussed how the company is solving this measurement problem for brands, networks, and agencies.

Media consumption, according to Steuer, "ain't what it used to be." To stay ahead of the curve, TiVo acquired a company called TRA (now rebranded to TiVo Research) about a year and a half ago. TiVo Research's Media TRAnalytics® system, which has become the core of TiVo's media efficiency measurement platform, starts with media exposure data collected anonymously from millions of TiVo and other set-top boxes. These sets of data are then combined -- via a patented blind third-party matching process -- with online exposure data and demographic and purchasing behavior data to enable the interested parties to target the appropriate prospective buyers of products/services and measure and attribute the sales effects of offline and online advertising more accurately.

The company's research has recently branched out into the world of multiscreen tracking. The measurement technology can now do an anonymous household-level match of digital video and display exposures to television exposures. This data is then associated to the original demographics and product purchase behavior.

A study by TiVo Research found that nearly two-thirds of the people who were reached through a digital campaign weren't reached at all through the television campaign. This means there is clearly incremental delivery within digital, enabling brands to increase reach by incorporating cross-channel messaging.

TiVo Research's goal is to eventually enable a measurement solution that extends across all platforms to measure campaign delivery, cross-media, and even efficiency in spend. And there's no doubt that as media measurement continues to evolve, brands and marketers will have a better insight into what consumers want.

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