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Why mobile beacons will replace cookies

Why mobile beacons will replace cookies Doug Robinson

Tracking across mobile devices and delivering a seamless advertising experience across all screens has been a huge challenge in the industry. Historically, marketers have relied on cookies to give them proper tracking capabilities. However, the mobile and multiscreen world we now live in have changed all of that. It's becoming harder and harder to track consumers across devices, sites, and apps. In a world where cookies die off, what can marketers look to for proper, relevant tracking?

Recently, mobile beacons have been getting a tremendous amount of attention. Why? Because these days, consumers are all about location. Practically every social app allows you to "check in" at your current location. Other apps constantly track your position to deliver you accurate weather and news. And there are even apps like Foursquare that give you actual rewards for sharing where you are. Beacons could be revolutionary in allowing brands to connect with consumers to offer real-time discounts, information, and rewards.

Few know more about the power of beacons than Doug Robinson, CEO of Fresh Digital Group. At the iMedia Agency Summit this year, Fresh Digital won an ASPY award for best new technology due to its revolutionary and popular beacons. Robinson sat down with Marco Muzzi, marketing director at AcuityAds to discuss why this technology is attracting so much attention and why it may solve marketers' new mobile tracking woes.

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Article written by Senior Media Producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by Associate Media Producer Brian Waters.

"Lighthouse with light beam at sunset" image via Shutterstock.

With almost 15 years in the mobile space, Doug Robinson focuses on solving mobility challengers for brands and other agencies. He leads FDG, and focuses his team on developing innovative platforms,  that always encompass smart strategies and...

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