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3 reasons you won't get promoted

3 reasons you won't get promoted Adam Kmiec

You're stuck in just digital

Good marketers need to be thinking holistically about their customers, according to Adam Kmiec, the director of global digital marketing and social media at Campbell Soup Co. The day that you can operate without the word "digital" in your title, you'll be in a much better position to move up in your company.

You're not showing that you want it

If you're not fighting for that next level, then you're not likely to be the first person thought of when a position opens up. The C-suite wants people in high positions to be passionate about them. According to Kmiec, it's not difficult to get promoted; it's difficult to work to get promoted.

You chase money, not ideas

If you're constantly working on projects with big budgets that have little substance, you're be proving that you're not as passionate about good ideas. If you show your company that you'll stand behind innovative projects, the budget (and respect) will ultimately follow.

On some level we are who we’ve worked for and the brands we worked on. We accumulate knowledge from the experiences we've had and we extract wisdom from those we worked with. For more than 15 years, Adam Kmiec has worked for some of the most...

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