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2 ways marketers screw up programmatic buying

2 ways marketers screw up programmatic buying Eric Porres

Considering all programmatic solutions as the same

Programmatic buying requires a nuanced approach. It's too important to get wrong, and the marketer's focus can't rely on a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding the best programmatic solution for you is one of the most important steps on the road to buying more efficiently.

Eric Porres, CMO of Rocket Fuel, speaks to iMedia about the two biggest ways companies can screw up this emerging trend.

Assuming machines are taking jobs

There is still a fear from marketers that adopting a programmatic process is akin to selling your job right down the river. It's not. Manual insertion orders and RFPs are actually preventing you from doing your real job of finding creative ways to strategically position your company and clients.

Eric Porres continues our conversation with iMedia by expelling why this fear is unfounded and should be relieved.

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Eric Porres provides oversight for marketing operations and heads up Rocket Fuel's research center of excellence for digital consumer insight. Prior to joining Rocket Fuel, Porres co-founded Underscore Marketing, a full-service digital marketing...

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