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3 incredible companies quietly changing everything

3 incredible companies quietly changing everything Alan Schulman


This company is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with HTML 5. famo.us is a JavaScript engine and framework placed over HTML 5 CSS3 which takes digital experiences and makes them highly interactive. With only a 65kb footprint, the famo.us technology is able to produce 40 to 60fps animation overlaid on HTML 5 on phones, tablets, PCs, and televisions. These experiences are extremely 3D and dynamic.

Alan Schulman, VP of global integrated marketing and brand content at SapientNitro, gives iMedia's Bethany Simpson an inside look at why he thinks this company will be critical to the future of online marketing and brands' own digital user interfaces. Will your developers be ready?

Twelvefold Media

Say goodbye to cookies and keywords, and say hello to proximity-based natural language processing for ad targeting. What does this mean? Twelvefold Media is a digital media company that analyzes the language within a page to serve ads to relevant consumers. Its technology platform ranks and scores influential and authoritative content as an alternative for traditional ad targeting which uses cookies and other methods. Web pages are grouped into content targets, and each target contains many pages that are ranked and scored based on their content. If a brand knows the mindset of the consumer they're trying to target, Twelvefold Media can accurately reach them.

Alan Schulman continues our conversation by explaining why this company has him so excited and why the path away from cookies and keywords may be the future of ad targeting.

Skyhook Wireless

Ever sponsor an event and wonder if you're really getting the most for your money? How do you know if your brand is being seen? Skyhook Wireless has a simple, yet effective solution for this common marketing woe. It's created a geo-mapping ecosystem where it is able to track individuals based off a combination of wireless outputs from GPS, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and many more access points. This allows sponsors to view a heat map of their sponsored event and really see what the value is for their sponsorship dollars. This company is going to save marketers a lot of time and worry.

Alan Schulman ends our conversation by speaking about why this idea is so appealing to marketers who sponsor events and what he has his eye on in the future.

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Alan Schulman currently serves as National Director of Digital Marketing & Creative Content for Deloitte Digtial - a division of Deloitte Consulting, LLP.  A member of Deloitte Digital's Senior Leadership Team, Alan is responsible for...

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