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3 reasons your app is failing

3 reasons your app is failing jim cuene

Your app is delivering a brand message

Customers will not care about your branded message if that's all you are offering. Many brands start their journey into the mobile world by creating apps that reflect the company's messaging. It turns out consumers don't like this. If your mobile presence is a company plug with a game or two, it's heading down the tubes.

General Mills' director of interactive marketing, Jim Cuene, speaks with iMedia about his experiences with branded application failures and the lessons the brand learned.

You're not a useful presence in your customer's conversation

Consumers are tweeting, posting, pinning, and sharing all day long. There is a consumer conversation occurring right in front of you, in which trends and insights are taking place in real time. If you're not helping, informing, or solving customers' problems, you're not going to earn a place in their lives. Be present and fill a need for your consumer.

Jim Cuene continues our conversation by explaining why this also applies to the social environment for General Mills.

You don't have a strong voice

If your brand does not have a strong voice, you're not going to be perceived as an authority in your space. Don't be afraid of taking a stand in the arena where your brand is focused. Your customers want you to guide them through their experience with a strong light.

Jim Cuene ends our interview discussing how strongly-voiced publishers are a model for the future.

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Former corporate digital leader (General Mills, Ameriprise, American Express), now on the agency side. Lead a 50 person digital innovation shop in Minneapolis. We work with Fortune 500's (Target, USBank, United HealthCare) and fast-growing startups.

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