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3 ways you're still screwing up social

3 ways you're still screwing up social Dimple Thakkar

Hiring people for social media management who just know how to use the platforms

A lot of agencies may take the nuances and professionalism required to execute successful social media marketing for granted. One big mistake still being made by the industry is hiring people (usually interns) to manage branded social media accounts simply because they know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Most everyone knows how to use these networks, but that knowledge itself isn't enough.

Instead, you need a social media team with specialized skills. This isn't to say that you need to hire two to three people specifically for social media, but what you should do is task your existing creative team with pitching in to the social media outreach process. This may include getting an editor to write compelling posts, a copy writer to proofread them, a graphic designer to create images, etc. Your social media manager can be the leader in coordinating all your social activity, but don't rely on him or her for everything social. Collaborate your social efforts with a talented team who will give you the most impact for your post or tweet. No one is more tuned into the nuances of social media marketing than Dimple Thakkar, CEO of social media marketing agency Synhergy Marketing. In this interview, iMedia speaks to her about the biggest mistakes companies are still making on social media and the simple ways avoid them.

Over-automating your social outreach

When applications like HootSuite, TweetDeck, and TwitterFeed came out, they were very exciting for marketers looking to save time and increase efficiency on social media. However, these programs have become way too addictive for the industry. Some companies spend all their social media management time scheduling posts and tweets, rather than actually interacting with followers and fans. If you're wondering why your social base is disengaged, the answer may be found in your highly automated outreach process. Brands need an actual human doing social management. Social management is more than just making sure things are posted, tweeted, or pinned. It's about facilitating a tone and personality for your brand, as well as creating a friendly customer service vehicle to help customers. Your fans and followers need a personal touch; otherwise they are just statistics and not engaged members of your online community.

Focus on increasing "people talking about this," rather than "likes"

For Facebook specifically, you may be looking at the wrong metric for success. Most brands look at the amount of "likes" as the main number they should be tracking to see how well they are promoting themselves on the platform. However, much like Twitter's retweets, Facebook's "people talking about this" metric is much more insightful and powerful. You could have a ton of "likes" on your Facebook page, but if you're not igniting meaningful discussion amongst your fans, you're not really engaging or saying anything relevant. Focus more on engagement, not just statistics.

Dimple Thakkar ends our conversation by explaining why reducing over-automation and focusing on a different success benchmark on Facebook will help your brand connect in more meaningful ways with consumers.

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Dimple Thakkar began her career at a social media agency in New York as the Executive Director of Promotions. While there, she supervised marketing campaigns for top brands, influential Web 2.0 companies, and over 50 chart topping artists which...

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2014, February 06

Thank you for the interview, iMedia!