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4 phrases that drive creative people nuts

4 phrases that drive creative people nuts Josh Sklar

"Here's a binder full of stats. Take a look at them."

Creative people are open to stats, but not if they are presented in a cold, disconnected way. Storytellers will just retreat back to what's worked in the past. Analytics need to be handed off with the campaign's goals in mind.

"Here's why I'm right."

When data people talk at creative people, rather than to them, it couldn't be a bigger mistake. Don't condescend your colleagues. Engage them in an open conversation.

"[Insert acronym here]."

If you introduce acronyms and spreadsheets into a creative conversation, it's game-over for creative people. Keep the jargon to a minimum and first try to understand the campaign goals.

"Storytelling has nothing to do with what I do."

Don't live in a big data bubble. This industry is all about telling brand stories, and the data should help inform them. Stats and insights are crucial for creative people to execute effective campaigns. You have a place at that table.

Josh Sklar is the founder and President of Heresy (http://heresy.co), having conceived the virtual agency after years of working for traditional ad agencies, digital shops, and nonprofits. He is currently co-authoring a crowdsourced and crowdfunded...

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