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Stupid things you need to stop doing on social media

Stupid things you need to stop doing on social media Cordell Lawrence

Asking people to "like," comment, or share

If you're constantly asking your social media base to "like" your posts, comment on your photos, or share your product, you're just coming off as desperate. Here's why your audience has matured.

Promoting hashtags over conversation

We've all seen them in marketing: #(fill-in-the-blank company name, product, or cause). If this marketing tactic takes consumers to an empty conversation, you're doing something seriously wrong.

Trying to stand out

Nobody likes an obnoxious brand. Here's why a little humility can go a long way in the eyes of your social audience.

Instantly asking consumers to do things

Let's say a Facebook user has just "liked" your brand's page. If the first thing that person sees is a marching order to purchase a product, that "unlike" button is getting clicked pretty quickly. Your social audience wants engagement, not blatant promotions.

Jumping in to social without finding your core

You obviously should be on social, but if your company hasn't found its voice or core, you're better off waiting. Here's why.

Posting to please your media target

Big data's got us all seeing people in terms of numbers. You might think you've got the perfect post to please your technical demographic, but if it's not coming from a place of brand honesty, you're just going to annoy a bunch of actual people.

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Cordell Lawrence is the Global Community Manger for Jack Daniel’s Family of Brands (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel). In this role he has led the...

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