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The most shocking mobile statistic marketers need to know

The most shocking mobile statistic marketers need to know David Hallerman

By 2018, ad spending on mobile will skyrocket from 30 to 70 percent of total ad spending

In less than four years, marketers, advertisers, and brands will enter a budgetary world no longer dominated by desktop: eMarketer predicts that by 2018 U.S. spending on mobile will jump to 70 percent of all ad spending. This is a huge increase that will dictate what kinds of strategies, technologies, and people the industry should invest in in the coming years. If you're still focused on desktop being the juggernaut leader on how your budgets are allocated, you're betting on the wrong horse. Desktop will continue to play a key roll but the dollars will be flowing in one clear direction. Be ready for this dramatic shift.

David Hallerman is principal analyst at eMarketer. He speaks with iMedia about this shocking statistic on how ad spend will evolve and ways every marketer can prepare.

Looking toward the future: What comes next?

Ad spending on mobile shouldn't be the only thing marketers look at to dictate their overall strategies. While this shift is important and extremely relevant to the industry, it is a clear indicator of one thing: desktop is taking a back seat. Marketers should be looking toward the future and preparing for other platforms as well. The connected car, smart TV, SET top boxes, and wearable technology are all in their advertising infancy but should not be discounted. Remember, mobile was once in its infancy and it only took a few years to mature into advertising relevancy. The same trend will continue for these other potential game changers. Stay up-to-date on the evolution of these platforms and prepare to adjust budgets.

David Hallerman ends our conversation by explaining why we should look at other platforms beyond mobile to get a holistic view of what the future might present for marketers.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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As eMarketer's principal analyst for U.S. advertising and marketing, David Hallerman's primary coverage area takes in all digital video and television advertising – including mobile video advertising, video content marketing, measurement...

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