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Five Tech Trends Disrupting Data-Driven Marketing in 2015

Five Tech Trends Disrupting Data-Driven Marketing in 2015 Vanessa Naylon
Every January at 140 Proof, we share the hottest tech trends for the year. What are the watchwords to look for in 2015? Here's the list you should be on the lookout for starting with 'little', 'mainstream', and 'programmatic'.

1. Less is More: Why We Need to Start Paying Attention to “Little Data”

Big data was the hot topic of 2014. But in 2015, marketers will realize that it’s the little things that count. It’s not enough to compile massive amounts of data; it’s also about looking into the connections between those points. Little data is necessary to find the most relevant, powerful indicators that can be applied across verticals, from health and consumer to dating and political leanings.

2. The Secret to Using Data? Great UX.

Many companies like Tinder, Tableaux, and ClickView are already using data in a consumer-facing way. 2015 will be the year data goes mainstream; the insightful power of data will be combined with well-designed, digestible UX, putting the power of data in the hands of the people.

3. Why the Home is the Next Frontier of Data

With the rise of connected technologies like Nest and Amazon Echo, marketers will be able to leverage data from people’s homes like never before. Advertising will begin to evolve to meet the needs of the smart home world, with keyword advertising being the essential tool.

4. The Boomerang Effect: Why All Advertising WON’T Be Programmatic

After spending untold dollars on bringing their advertising into the programmatic era, 2015 will be the year that they abandon an “all in” approach and begin to incorporate an array of more balanced tactics. Companies that have made the necessary institutional changes to execute on programmatic will now focus their attention and money elsewhere, after assessing the value they gained from those campaigns. Like the slow cooker in your kitchen, programmatic will heat up companies’ advertising strategies, leaving them ample time to get on with the next big thing.

5. The Death of Real-Time Marketing

Social media failures in 2014 were too numerous to count. But even for those brands who managed to avoid being publicly shamed for an off-color tweet, how many of them actually sold another bag of chips or another ticket as a result of their efforts? In 2015, marketers need to give up on real-time marketing and use their social profiles to do their job: sell their product to consumers. For example, during the World Cup, an airline has no place commenting on a referee’s missed call or a fight on the field—they should be talking about how much legroom is on their flights and addressing customer complaints.

How’d we do? Any trends you’d strike from the list, or any you’d add? Let us know in the comments.

Vanessa Naylon is a creative strategist who helps brands build award-winning campaigns in social. Vanessa was the original writer and creative strategist at 140 Proof and has worked on hundreds of social ad campaigns since 2009, including ESPN's...

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