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How a consumer electronics social media campaign leveraged a celebrity endorser

How a consumer electronics social media campaign leveraged a celebrity endorser Doug Schumacher
One of the big challenges in social media is finding ways to increase your impact, other than simply buying more impressions. This has grown even more pertinent as it’s gotten tougher and tougher for posts to get good organic reach on Facebook.

A tactic frequently taken to maximize impact is the use of the celebrity. This is where social media adds a new dimension to the use of celebrities because it enables the brand to not only reach their own audience on social media, but also the audience of the celebrity, as well.

The Bose/Larry Fitzgerald Campaign

Take a look at the Bose campaign below, which was posted in January during the final two games of the season for their athlete endorser, Larry Fitzgerald. You can see how Zuum’s Subject Analyzer breaks down the activity, both in terms of where it happened, when, and how.

The first thing I noticed is how they focused most of their posting volume on the first of the two playoff games, instead of the NFC championship game. That seems counter-intuitive. It’s also notable that the largest spike in engagement, by far, came on a Thursday in which there was no game. While that may seem odd, it could be a matter of attention. On game day, fans are completely absorbed in the game the celebrity is a part of. However, posting on an off part of the week might actually help put the brand more at the center of attention.

Looking at the data, we can see in the Engagements chart that the overall campaign drew about 29.5k engagements. The single biggest post, the Thursday one referenced above, generated almost 22k of those 29.5k total engagements.

Those figures will help put the impact of Larry Fitzgerald into perspective, as we check out the posts he made on behalf of Bose. That’s typically a standard social media endorsement deal feature these days. How many posts will they make on behalf of the brand. Helping introduce their own audience to the brands.

Partners and Influencers

And in this case, Larry Fitzgerald has over 1m fans, compared to just over 3m for Bose. So by partnering with Larry Fitzgerald, the brand is increasing their pool of eyeballs considerably for this campaign. In the Top Influencers chart, below, you can see how Larry Fitzgerald stacks up against some of the other brands Bose has partnered with on Facebook.

As you can see, in the one post Larry Fitzgerald did on behalf of Bose generated another 5,000+ engagements. Not bad, considering that outside of the top post for Bose, that’s about 25% of the rest of the campaign’s total engagement. (However, as you can see, he’s not the only one to give the brand a boost in their social presence.)

The next time it comes to negotiating endorsement deals, these are the types of things both sides can point to as statements of value for their endorsement deal. And the next time Bose is considering a new endorser, this would obviously be the types of things they should take into consideration.

Doug Schumacher is the co-founder of social media content strategy tool Zuum. Zuum reveals a number of key insights into what type of social media content will generate maximum impact for a given industry. His interactive career began in 1996...

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