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What does the future hold for ad blockers?

What does the future hold for ad blockers? Shenan Reed

Ad blockers are here for the foreseeable future and are all the latest buzz. There's a lot of pushing and pulling happening as many communities try to exert their influence. But don't worry -- ad blocking isn't the next "year of mobile" in the sense that we'll be obsessing over it for the next 15 years. Instead, there will be a much quicker resolution to the controversy surrounding them.

Ocean Fine, director of agency and strategic accounts at Factual, speaks to Shenan Reed, president of digital, MEC about what influence different communities will have on ad blockers.

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Article written and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

As President of the US L’Oreal business it is Shenan’s job to oversee the strategic direction of the partnership between MEC and L’Oreal USA.   She is responsible for further driving the advancement of the partnership and...

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