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Moving beyond mobile in the modern landscape

Moving beyond mobile in the modern landscape Agata Smieciuszewski

By 2009, mobile use nationwide was climbing quickly. It was truly a new era of connectivity as mobile internet users grew to over 450 million. Access to internet was no longer tethered to being in a chair in front of a computer, and getting the information you needed and wanted was easier than ever. At this point, Mobile Media Summit was created as a source to educate and inspire the marketing community about how marketers could tap into this new platform.

For the next five years, the number of mobile users grew at a much quicker pace than desktop users, until it finally overtook desktop users in 2014. This was the start of a different time -- one where mobile no longer had to be singled out, but rather was assumed as part of the consumer experience.

Source: Mobify

Today, mobile marketing is ubiquitous and no longer separated from other marketing. Successful marketers are incorporating mobile into their strategies in the same way they used to tackle desktop, rather than approaching it as a new and unknown path.

When Mobile Media Summit was launched in 2009, it was on the cusp of an exciting look into something fresh, but the company has evolved along with the industry. It just recently announced that it will be broadening the scope of its content to include all aspects of today's connected world, rather than singling out mobile for its summits. The Global CEO of MMS, Paran Johar, explains more:
"As marketing and media become more and more fragmented, we realized the landscape includes a mix of ever-changing platforms and screens that need discussion and thought leadership. It is for this reason that we've evolved the brand from mobile-specific content to trends in digital, technology, and more for the new Modern Marketing Summit."

The company announced the change at its MMS LA: Cars and Stars event in Beverly Hills. The next event will be MMS NY Upfront @ Internet Week in New York City on May 16.

Agata is a writer, editor, and social media marketer living in Los Angeles. She's a former Associate Editor at iMedia Connection and Social Media Manager and Editor of MMX at Modern Marketing Summit. Before that, she worked in the healthcare,...

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