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iMedia launches Summit Ambassador Program

iMedia launches Summit Ambassador Program Christian Arens
We at iMedia believe that we can achieve great things through the power of community. We constantly turn to our community for insights, trends, and the latest innovations. That's why I'm so elated to announce that iMedia's Summit Ambassador Program has officially launched with 26 active members representing brands, agencies, and solutions providers from around the country.

The purpose of the iMedia Summit Ambassador Program is to incorporate influential executives from the marketing space into the iMedia community to help serve as counsel in determining content, invitation lists, and overall Summit concepts. The Ambassadors will serve through April 2017, at which time a new group will be established.

The iMedia Summit Ambassadors will serve as a representation of the iMedia brand and its community. They will be positioned as industry leaders with rooted connections throughout the compelling marketing community. They will also have the opportunity to influence the design of the iMedia Summit experience, participate in speaking engagements, and be involved in ongoing peer-to-peer exchange.

The inaugural group includes the following members:

  • David Aglar, EVP digital, Weber Shandwick
  • Kendall Allen, senior associate, WIT Strategy
  • Jeremy Cornfeldt, president, iProspect
  • Chris Cox, senior manager global digital marketing, The Hershey Company
  • Jenifer Dasho, brand marketing lead, Pinterest
  • Tom Edwards, chief digital officer, Epsilon
  • Bob Estrada, EVP, senior director, digital & emerging media, BBDO
  • Chris Evans, VP of media, R&R Partners
  • Brandie Feuer, VP, brand experience, Eileen Fisher
  • Carl Fremont, global, chief digital officer, MEC
  • David Gitter, VP of marketing, World Poker Tour
  • Candice Hahn, VP, managing director, R/GA
  • Beverly Jackson, VP, social media & content strategy, MGM Resorts International
  • Benjamin Jankowski, group head, Global Media, MasterCard
  • Dave Knox, CMO, Rockfish
  • Alison Lange Engel, VP of global marketing, LinkedIn
  • Manu Mathew, CEO & co-founder, Visual IQ
  • Darren McColl, global chief brand & marketing strategy officer, SapientNitro
  • Art Muldoon, CEO & Co-Founder, Accordant Media
  • Jim Nichols, VP, marketing, Apsalar
  • Jason Oates, chief business officer, LiveIntent
  • Katherine Riley, director of marketing, Danze, Inc. & Gerber Plumbing Fixtures
  • David Shadpour, founder/CEO, Social Native
  • Kate Stebner, VP, digital, Nielsen
  • Peter Stringer, VP, digital media, Boston Celtics
  • Kevin Williams, head of multicultural marketing, BMW, MINI, and Motorrad
I'm excited for this new cohort of thoughtful, dedicated Ambassadors to be lending their ideas and expertise to iMedia. It gives us access to an amazing cross-section of the marketing industry, ensuring the continued forward progression of our conferences.

We asked a couple of these Ambassadors about their new roles within the iMedia community, and here's what they had to say:

Carl Fremont, global, chief digital officer, MEC: "I am looking forward to my continued involvement with iMedia. In this fast-evolving media marketplace, the industry needs iMedia more than ever to facilitate connections and conversations among marketers, media publishers, technologists, and agencies for what is relevant today and for what is next."

Tom Edwards, chief digital officer, Epsilon: "I have been closely involved with iMedia since 2010 and each year I am continually impressed by various experiences and insight that I gain from the events. I have enjoyed participating and working with the iMedia team, and I am grateful for the opportunity to join an incredibly talented group of industry peers as a part of the iMedia Summit Ambassadors program. I am looking forward to the opportunity to influence the type of content, speakers, and overall experiences of the various iMedia events in partnership with a highly collaborative and talented team from iMedia.

Stay tuned for more from this impressive group!

Chris Arens brings over 18 years of practical agency experience to his role as managing director of the iMedia Communications. Chris possess a dogged commitment to applying technology and innovation to advance the objectives of his business. Chris...

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