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Seizing today's opportunities in the digital advertising landscape

Seizing today's opportunities in the digital advertising landscape Interactive Advertising Bureau

Today's world of shifting platforms and technological advancements is ushering in an exciting era of digital advertising. Opportunities abound for marketers and brands alike, all with an aim to delight and engage consumers in relevant and meaningful ways. Where are those developments taking us and what can we be most excited about in our industry today? We posed this question to select thought leaders at this year's IAB MIXX Conference to get their opinion. Their responses highlighted content, artificial intelligence, effective targeting, and just shear the unknown of it all.

Lars Bastholm, global chief creative officer, Google, is most excited to see where artificial intelligence will lead us from a branding and marketing perspective. Part of this forward journey is discovering ways to communicate and work with machines that allow us to advance and do things together that weren't possible before, he says. And Lauren Wiener, president, buyer platforms, Tremor Video, is looking forward to the developments that will arise from short-form immersive storytelling.

Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, VP, ads and business platform, Facebook, is honing in on the growth of connectivity and how people are constantly connected with each other, news, technology, brands, and services. That's a tremendous opportunity that we should all harness and take full advantage of, Boz emphasizes. And David Etherington, chief strategy officer, Intersection, is setting his sights on content, highlighting the unique ways that Instagram, Snapchat, and even YouTube stars are engaging with the consumer through new formats.

Steven Levy, editor-in-chief, Backchannel, is focusing on two main things -- the tools we have to tell stories and the ease we have at distributing them. In today's world, there's never been an easier time to get your message to the right audience in ways that are aesthetically pleasing and allow for consumers to experience great journalism, he shares. Similarly, Karin Timpone, global marketing officer, Marriott International, Inc., is excited about "metrics meeting magic," or the combination of effectively using science and art to allow brands to reach a target audience and delight them with a great story and narrative.

Nick Law, vice chairman, global chief creative officer, R/GA, thinks that we are in era that calls for advertisers to retool their craft in order to effectively fit within today's media landscape, and being part of that overhaul is an exciting place to be. And although Sebastian Tomich, SVP, advertising and innovation, The New York Times Company, is enthused about great ideas and great innovation, he's most excited about the uncertainty wrapped around it. Just as every day seems like a whole new world, Tomich says, he loves the fact that next year we're going to completely reinvent our future.

Watch the video to hear more about what they had to say:

You can see more off-stage interviews and speaker video highlights from the 2016 IAB MIXX Conference on IABtv. IAB members can see the full stage videos by logging into their IAB Member Portal.

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