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A look into digital advertising's crystal ball

The future of digital advertising is always at the forefront of everyone's mind as we build new technologies and realize greater potentials of existing ones. Will our future be immersed in new machines and capabilities with the likes of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or artificial intelligence (AI)? Or will tomorrow be about exploiting the advancements of programmatic, mobile connectivity or even gaming? Curious to know more, we asked the digital media and advertising leaders at the forefront of the industry what they will be talking about this time next year. Here's what they had to say from the IAB MIXX Conference.

Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, vice president, ads and business platform, Facebook says that he hopes we tap into the full potential of mobile in 2017 and explore local-based services that fully leverage mobile capabilities outside of the internet.

Looking forward to one year from now, Kevin Slavin, faculty and founder, Playful Systems, MIT Media Labs, thinks that the overall landscape of where we spend our time will have shifted, and our focused attention will be on products and services that allow us to be more uniquely connected to one another.

Lars Bastholm, global chief creative officer, Google, predicts we'll be talking more about how brands use and execute VR. He adds that we'll also be talking about AI, machine learning, and virtual assistance, and how these capabilities will impact what brands do and how consumers will engage in their everyday lives. Similarly, Jimmy Maymann, EVP and president, content and consumer brands, AOL, foresees that VR and AR will really pick-up as the technologies become more accessible and affordable for the consumer.

Sarah Jones, manager of connections capabilities, Anheuser-Busch InBev, sees that the conversation of programmatic will still be relevant but in the context of TV, radio, out-of-home and other platforms affected by the infiltration of programmatic across the media spectrum.

Stephen Gold, chief marketing officer and VP, business development, IBM Watson, will be bridging the gap between the possibility of data and new techniques to the actual practice. Already the data pendulum is beginning to swing, says Jennifer Zeszut, CEO, Beckon, leading media brands to take data and measurement capabilities in-house in a way that allows them to more fully use it in their decisions and strategy.

Lauren Wiener, president, buyer platforms, Tremor Video, says future conversations will be on gaming, and how its immersive, intimate and two-way capabilities allow consumers to connect and interact in unique ways. While Meredith Kopit Levien, EVP and chief revenue officer, The New York Times Company, says the future will focus on content and the creators who really make those ideas become a reality in consumers' everyday lives.

And Steve King, chief executive officer, Publicis Media, hopes all the industry players will come together in a synergistic and creative way that can exploit the full potential of digital media.

Watch the full video to hear more about what they had to say.

You can see more off-stage interviews and speaker video highlights from the 2016 IAB MIXX Conference on IABtv. IAB members can see the full stage videos by logging into their IAB Member Portal at portal.iab.com.

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