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The Surprising iPod Audience

The Surprising iPod Audience Joe Pilotta

According to BIGresearch's most recent Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM) with over 15,000 respondents, December 2005, regular and occasional users of iPods have a definite profile that is quite counterintuitive.

They are predominantly male (64.4 percent); Married (46.1 percent); 18-44 years old; and have one to three years of college (30.5 percent) or a Bachelor's degree 20.6 percent. Predominantly, their occupation is professional/management (34.8 percent) and they have an average income of $67,854.

What do they like to do in their leisure time?

  • Surf the internet: 75.8 percent

  • Video gaming: 74.8 percent

  • Listen to music: 74.8 percent

  • Watch TV: 72.4 percent

Those iPod users who are planning on buying a car/truck in the next 6 months prefer Toyota 17.0 percent, Ford 16.8 percent, Honda 16.7 percent and Chevy 15.0 percent.

iPod users also love to watch movies (96.7 percent), police/detective shows (82.0 percent) and documentaries (87.0 percent).

Takeaway: iPods are a part of corporate American consumer's life, with music being an important ingredient of their daily life. Savvy automobile marketers should start targeting iPod users by sponsoring free downloads with a test drive. Could be worth a try for Ford and Chevy. The iPoders seem to be waiting.

More information on automotive purchase decisions: Word of mouth is the greatest influence on purchase decisions (38.3 percent), followed by TV/Broadcast (31.6 percent) and "Read an article on the product" (27.1 percent).

Additional resources

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Joe Pilotta is vice president of BIGresearch, and a professor at Ohio State University, School of Communications. He holds two Ph.D.s from Ohio University (Communication Research) and from University of Toronto (Sociology), Canada. He is a member of the Word of Mouth Association (WOMMA) Standards and Metric Committee and the ARF Long Term Advertising Effects Committee.

Some innovative campaigns:

Client: Chupa Chups
Media: internet/interactive
Campaign: Chupa Chups 50th anniversary celebration

Barcelona-based lollipop company Chupa Chups approached Nurun to help it celebrate the 50th anniversary of its brand. Chupa Chups was looking for a global site to market its candy and toys to a wide-ranging demographic of children, teenagers and their parents with the purchasing power. The company wanted a funny and irreverent site.

The resultant product is a Flash-based website available to viewers in five languages. The site includes games (such as a Chupa Chups-branded version of Sudoku), promotions and a company timeline. All of those features follow a lengthy animated intro complete with a lollipop song inspired by the Chordettes' famed 1958 tune and an accompanying timeline that references key cultural highlights of the last half century: The Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol, the moon landing, Star Wars, Apple computer, Pac Man, Forest Gump, Bill Clinton, and, somewhat incongruously, the assassination of John Lennon.

Client: Pirelli Film
Media: internet/interactive
Campaign: Mission Zero

Pirelli Film, a unit of Italian tire and communications company Pirelli Group, selected Nurun to help produce and publicize "Mission Zero," a short, branded film starring Uma Thurman. In 2006 Nurun worked on "The Call," another Pirelli Film starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell. The Pirelli brand is perhaps best known for its annual, male-oriented calendar. With all of these projects, Pirelli aims to build and expand its brand.

For the Pirelli campaign, Nurun produced the media components of the "Mission Zero" site, from the interface to music arrangements and sound effects to screensavers. Nurun also translated the site into eight languages. The 2006 "The Call" campaign brought in an estimated 5 million views worldwide.

Client: Evian Natural Spring Water
Media: internet/interactive
Campaign: Fill with Care

Nurun has worked with Evian parent company Group Danone since 1995. For its most recent Fill with Care campaign, Evian tasked Nurun with simplifying its website and aligning the company's digital content with its offline messages and image. Nurun redesigned the Evian website using rich media ad units, Flash video elements and tie-ins with major media companies and popular blogs. All components of the digital campaign seek to associate the Evian brand with the perceived purity and cleanliness of water.


Agency stars:

Jacques-Hervé Roubert
President and CEO, Nurun

To help major brands make the transition from the offline to the online world, Jacques-Hervé Roubert founded Cythère in December 1995. The Paris- and New York-based company designed sites for Groupe Danone, Club Med and others. In order to expand its international reach, Roubert sold Cythère in 2000 to Informission, a Quebecor subsidiary that later became Nurun. Prior to Nurun, Roubert worked as a partner at Havas Conseil (now EuroRSCG); as general manager of Young & Rubicam's French interests; and at Boulet, Dru, Dupuy, Petit (now TBWA). Roubert graduated from École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales.

Suzanne Sauvage
Executive Vice-President, Chief Strategy Officer

Suzanne Sauvage joined Nurun in December 2007. Prior to Nurun, Sauvage was president of Cossette Communication Group, Canada, where she worked since 1997. Between 1987 and 1997, Sauvage was president of Burson-Marsteller's Paris office, which she joined after holding leadership positions in the company's Montreal office.

Antoine Pabst
President, General Manager of Nurun France; General Manager of Nurun Europe
Antoine Pabst is responsible for Nurun's European and Asian development. He oversees operations at Nurun's France, Italy, Spain and China offices and coordinates the company's alliance and acquisition strategies in Europe. Prior to his work at Nurun, Pabst co-founded The Sales Machine, a full-service payment-processing broker, and later became CEO for The Sales Machine Group/Euro RSCG. He began his career at Piment (DDB group) before joining Wunderman Cato Johnson (Young & Rubicam) in 1987.

Jean-Pascal Mathieu
Vice President, Strategy, Nurun

Jean-Pascal Mathieu oversees the development of interactive strategies for Nurun's international clients and takes part in Nurun's business development in Europe and North America. He also participates in the design of new service offerings. Mathieu joined Nurun France in 1998 as a senior consultant in internet strategies. At Nurun he has been an account executive, sales director, operations officer and director of Nurun Technologies, a subsidiary specializing in the placement of technical resources marketed by Nurun. Prior to joining Nurun, Mathieu founded a consulting agency that specialized in strategy and intranet implementation. A graduate of ESC Sophia Antipolis, Mathieu holds a postgraduate degree in applied communications.

Yann Lombard-Platet
President, Nurun Asia

Since Nurun's acquisition of China Interactive in January 2006, Yann Lombard-Platet has served as the president of Nurun's operations in Asia. He previously was CEO of the Shanghai-based interactive marketing agency. During his seven years as head of China Interactive, Lombard-Platet worked on campaigns for international clients established in China, such as L'Oréal, Fiat, Pepsi, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and Siemens. Before his tenure at China Interactive, Lombard-Platet held several key marketing positions, including at Groupe Danone in France and Asia.

Florence Girod
Director, Strategy and Creative
Florence Girod focuses on understanding and exploring brands, analyzing trends and developing communications strategies. A trained graphic designer and creative director, she has worked with several major design and branding agencies such as Desgrippes Gobé, Landor, Paris-Venise Design DDB.


What clients say
Past and present Nurun clients describe the company as extremely responsive to daily needs and better-than-most at staying under budget. International clients pointed to Nurun's global presence as a definite plus, especially in terms of the company's ability to translate and run campaigns in multiple languages for multiple nationalities.

"They really understand what we want and they respond to our needs exactly as we want them to."  

"They're fantastic at responding to our daily needs."

"Their main quality is how they listen to the client and how they respond to the need of the client."

"We keep on demanding and changing things and they respond to our changes really fast."

"For me, they really exceed my expectations when they propose new things."

"I'm really pleased with their creative sense and I think they are very cost-efficient when I compare them with other agencies."

"They cooperate very much with our other partners."

Suggested areas for improvement include being better at meeting deadlines and becoming more knowledgeable about the legality of using a variety of different types of images and icons. One client said it wasn't yet convinced that Nurun has the capacity to lead a truly creative, innovative campaign.

"They can be better on deadlines. Always. Though it depends how we work on our side, too."

"Maybe they're not the most creative agency."

On the legal side of image and logo use: "I was surprised that they weren't really aware of things that seemed really obvious."

Leah Messinger is a freelance writer. Read full bio.

Joe Pilotta was Vice President of BIGresearch, and a former professor at Ohio State University, School of Communications. He holds two Ph.D.s from Ohio University (Communication Research) and from University of Toronto (Sociology), Canada. Senior...

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