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Keynote presentation: audience reinvestment

Keynote presentation: audience reinvestment Doug Weaver

Despite the tremendous growth in web advertising today, Doug Weaver believes that we're still only realizing a ridiculously small portion of its current potential for marketers. Too many marketers, agencies, publishers and networks still focus on the web's direct sale, DR and activation qualities. But if you're thinking this is another conversation about "branding," think again. If you're curious about how to turn fat into muscle while also enjoying a nice slice of cake, be sure to be there.

Doug Weaver is President and CEO, Upstream Group and iMedia Senior Analyst. .

Doug Weaver is a highly regarded strategist and opinion leader in the world of online advertising. Over the past 16 years he's worked with over 600 leading companies, including Facebook, Yahoo!, Apple, Fox Sports, USA TODAY, CBS Digital Media, YuMe,...

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