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How advertisers can replicate display success in video

How advertisers can replicate display success in video Ted Dhanik

Mobile video is quickly taking the reins as the ideal channel to acquire new customers into the marketing funnel. According to Business Insider, mobile video ad revenue will grow more than three times faster than desktop through 2020, and BrightRoll recently revealed that 60 percent of agencies expect mobile video to see the largest increase in digital media spend this year.

With this massive growth trajectory, marketers are scrambling to build out video ad strategies that capitalize on the opportunity. Yet some marketers are intimidated by video, fearing that it is too expensive or technically complicated, or too difficult to produce. But in fact, while price can be a hurdle to entry, video often has better engagement than display ads and drives higher ROI, so cost alone should not keep you from getting into video. There is also a lot more real estate to tell a story within video, giving marketers a more effective use of ad space per dollar spent. In addition, due to the demand for video, production companies are helping brands leverage existing video content for online video campaigns or start from scratch to build creative for digital channels.

Creating a successful video program is just as simple as managing display once it's up and running. Below are four tips for advertisers looking to apply display expertise to video campaigns:

Use clear call-to-actions

Video is a great opportunity to take advantage of more frames to tell your story and really build out a narrative. But while you don't have to deliver your entire value proposition in the first second of a video ad, it is important to keep clear call-to-actions just as you would with display ads.

Plan campaigns across devices

Make sure you are treating your entire marketing budget in a complementary fashion, and that you know how your different channels are working together. Implement a plan to identify users across devices so that you can deliver a targeted experience to the consumer and accurately measure their interactions with your brand.

Look to out-stream for additional scale

As online video consumption grows, the demand for online video advertising is growing, but at a faster rate than sites can create quality inventory. This results in a large amount of low quality inventory on the market. As more publishers adopt out-stream units, more premium inventory is created and becomes available. Advertisers that purchase out-stream placements are able to scale more on high quality sites with large players, potentially at a lower price point than standard pre-roll. This is an excellent way to get additional scale through players that were once difficult to access. Out-stream is great for publishers who don't have video content to sell video ads on their website and creates incremental streams of revenue, so it is being adopted and growing quickly.

Replicate targeting from display campaigns

Marketers that do display are likely to have data on behavioral segments, geos, and other key targets that work for them. All of this targeting can be extended to video -- you don't have to start from scratch. When you build out a video campaign, you can start by using those existing audiences to reach your users in a different way. For instance, if your display ads are working well at a particular time of day or on a particular website, then use this sweet spot as a starting point when you start to explore video.

Creating a video strategy is easier than most people think. If you've done display, then you'll be able to succeed at video. There should be no more excuses for not bringing your brand to life with video ads.

Ted Dhanik is CEO at engage:BDR.

On Twitter? Follow iMedia at @iMediaTweet.

A co-founder of engage:BDR, Inc. Ted serves as Chief Executive Officer overseeing strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition.

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