J earned a degree in Mass Communications and English from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He landed his first job at MTV News in New York and later moved to California to pursue his childhood dream of a fairer climate. 

He came to RPA in 1996 as a digital writer and has worked on a variety of campaigns and clients. He has produced work for Honda, VH-1’s Behind The Music, ampm, ARCO, Honda Motorcycles, Pioneer Electronics, Bizrate, Lamaze Toys, Discovery Channel, SYFY channel,Mandalay Bay, California Anti-tobacco and Acura. 

J’s first foray into social media was in 2006 when he created the first character managed on Myspace, Gil the Crab. He developed narrative, wrote over 50 blog entries, and helped collect 100k friends. He also wrote a song and created a petition site to reinstate Gil (savethecrab.com) that got 25,000 signatures.

Recently, J has been working on Terii, the Honda AprilFool’s video, Million Mile Joe campaign, Honda Pintermission, #FirstHonda and Fans of you too initiatives for Honda. 

J’s campaigns have been recognized by Clios, Webbys and One Show,  IAAA, Belding, Yahoo! Big Idea Chair, Yahoo! Searchlight and MIXX. 

My Articles

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