As a talented, trusted and well-received executive with over 15 years experience in digital media and technology, I have long lasting relationships with clients, colleagues and friends who now run some of the largest companies in our industry.

I've worked across mobile, video, audience targeting, brand ideation, programmatic advertising in various ROI or ROAS use cases. I'm solutions-oriented and tend to have an innovative perspective. I understand the digital ecosystem and habitually work backwards, starting with a concept or idea and pivot to provide solutions. I gravitate towards the "interesting" and "never been done before," but also towards practical and tactical execution. 

I'm agnostic to industry vertical, product, engineering, sales or operations teams. I just work well with human beings. Rarely will one find success without the contribution of others and offering a hand in their success along the way.

Absorb. Simplify. Capture Attention. Be Good. Be Smart. Have Fun.

Summits Attended

iMedia Brand Summit

Marketing in an Always-On World

iMedia Agency Summit

Proof of Digital Ad Success